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We have pole classes to suit all levels of ability, from those who have never been near a pole before
to advanced learners looking to learn new tricks.


A fun filled class for complete beginners to pole. You’ll learn spins, transitions, climbs, combos and much more. Pole Fitness increases strength, flexibility, aids in weight loss and tones the body. It really is a whole body workout in one.

Intermediate and Advanced

These classes are for those who have mastered the basics of pole. Progress your existing skills to inverted moves, more complex spins, spinning pole, routines and more. This class will work on increasing strength, building on core muscles, tone and more advances stretches.

And more!

Add a new dimension to your abilities with Pole Silks, where fabric is attached to the top of the pole, or try something completely different like our popular Hula Hoop class or Pop Dance.

Pay as you go, or pay monthly for added benefits!

It's up to you - there are classes where you can pay per session or you can pay for a monthly course. The best value for money is to join our monthly studio membership as this gives you access to your regular weekly pole class for the month, the open pole practise sessions to refine what you've learnt, AND the other types of classes on offer (Feel the Burn, Hula Fitness, Conditioning).
It's unlimited - if you took advantage of this and attended every available session, you can save £££s - and more importantly made a hugely positive impact on your health with all the exercise!

Why Pole?

Poling has so many benefits, but the best way to see them is to join us and see the results for yourself!

Why Do Pole Fitness?


The simple act of climbing a pole takes a lot of strength, before you even get to different types of holds and defying gravity. It truly is a whole body workout in one.


Moving around the pole involves quite a bit of stretching! Think leg extensions, aerial splits, back bends... You can see how pratcise equals progress if you keep it up.


Pole fitness is a very upper body intensive, and you might be surprised how quickly you notice changes in your arms, back and abs - becoming more toned from top to toe.

Our Team

Laura Apps


Laura is the owner of Yeovil Pole Fitness. She has been poling for many years and can always find something to hang off of, wherever she is! She teaches pole at all skill levels, as well as the hula fit and pop dance classes.

Steph Cook

Pole Instructor

Steph started her pole journey as one of Laura's first students way back when classes were held in Sherborne and has now been poling for a number of years. She teaches pole at beginner and intermediate skill levels.

Sophie Geldard

Stretch Expert

Sophie teaches the stretch class. She will help you improve your flexibility and you can work towards performing front and box splits, shoulders, upper and lower back bends.

Class Timetable

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